Jacques Heroux for Canadian Wildlife Magazine

Here are few images from recent assignment for Canadian Wildlife Magazine. 

My subject was Jacques Heroux who was awarded Roderick Haig-Brown Award for his contribution to conservation and the wise use of recreational fisheries in Canada.

Conceptually it had to be environmental and intimate portrait somewhere near water.

Photo: www.kravetzphotographics.com
Assistant: Christopher Roxs


Working with experienced models sometimes means working with all photographers she or he shot with in the past and often it takes a lot of effort to make them fit my particular "molding".
That's why I really enjoy working with people who have little to no experience at all in front of the camera.
Sam was one of them. I approach every session as portrait session and focus mostly on personality  and I think that the less experience the subject has, the more genuine and intimate their portrait can be.

How it actually turned out is, as always, for viewer to decide.

Make-up by Joelle Martin


Over the past two years I photographed this wonderful family. I think it's a huge honour and responsibility to record these sort of milestones to any photographer. I don't consider myself a family photographer, however, when someone comes to me and we "click" with them on every level, I know that we got foundation for creative collaboration and opportunity to create interesting images.

What started as one simple maternity photo shoot, led to another session when Xavier was just born, and then to another when he turned one.

What you see here, is final layout design of a photo album. The design is already approved and sent to production. 11"x14" vertical prints will be put together into a black leather bound book. I will update this post with pictures once book arrives.

I won't bore you any longer. I only hope that chemistry of this family comes through these images and you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.


*Click on images to open full screen viewer.

Holiday Family Portraits

Birth of your first child - what can be more important?!  Over Christmas I had the pleasure of making some portraits of Armand Doucet's newborn. You may have heard about Armand and know him better by his "Iron Will" organization (http://www.ironwill-volontedefer.com/#!armand/cwy
   When planning this session with Armand, it was significant for him having all three generations in one picture. 
These are simple family portraits, but because they are simple, it doesn't mean they are less precious. 

Hope you enjoy!

Golden hour lighting using gelled strobe

Over the summer I had a chance to do few personal shoots for my portfolio and here is one of them.

I rarely shoot without additional lighting. This time I used strobe with full CTO gel to accentuate the effect of the setting sun. 
The background is panorama of 5 vertical images. Shot on Phase One DF with P30+ back and Schneider 80mm LS lens. 


Family Portrait. To do or not to do.

Here is a special group of people to us. I've been photographing Tony and Jennifer's family for few years now: beginning from their wedding in Caracas until their first born son Alex, and finally this portrait with the newborn Elliot. 

But this post is not about that. Based on my experience, and experience of many of my colleagues, the main reason why parents never do their family pictures is the feeling of fear (mixed with embarrassment) that their kids won't behave properly during shoot. I understand that, I sure do.

All I want to say is that every photo shoot is different because we are all different and shoot dynamics  are different for each single individual. Sometimes we just have to let it go and roll with things as they happen, and the image above illustrates my point better than I can explain it.

Yes, your worst fear may come true during shoot but it can be the best picture you will ever have displayed on your wall.



Set design by Unico Decor Inc / www.unicodecor.com

Christmas Portraits

After 2 days of painting and putting new trim, I'm finally ready for series of Christmas portraits.  
Guys behind UNICO DECOR INC.  created this set and it looks wonderful.

This set up will be available until Christmas (including Christmas). Great for families or couples heading to a party and who want to do a shoot just before the party. The cost is $150 for about 90 minute session. Variety of wall displays and albums are available on a-la-carte basis. Professional Make-up and Hair Stylist will be available on site at extra charge.
Call, email, message, drop by the studio to look at samples, talk about your shoot and to book!

Here's a look behind the scenes:

"Different" Portrait

I was recently contacted by one person, who wanted something different for his portrait. Every time I hear word "different", I feel like I hit jack pot. "Different" - is a magic word for me (just like for many other photographers) which makes me free to create what I like.

Roy Gould is a psychotherapist.
He came by the studio one day to meet and tell me about himself and his job. This helped a lot in understanding what kind of portrait I need to create. Roy deals with a lot of darkness in people and he wanted a portrait which would convey this story about him and his difficult job.

Hope you enjoy!

Sasha Onyshchenko