Airtime Fitness. Environmental Portraits

During my last visit to Moncton I had the opportunity of working with one of Airtime Fitness instructors Rob Brydges.

Rob wanted to create a hand full of fun and creative images to use on his website and improve his social media presence with professionally looking content.

The idea behind red couch images is this:  Rob's suit represents his past as a real estate agent. Coach stands for "working out at home" cause that's primarily what this online training program is about.

Rob was fascinating subject to photograph, to say the least. I was really impressed with his personality  and ability to go through so many different expressions in one shoot.

Photography: / ©2015 Sasha Onyshchenko

More images:

Kato. Test shoot in Old Montreal

Series of images from a test shoot with Kato.

Old Montreal is my favourite place to go and I've wanted to shoot there ever since I moved to Montreal. I did a quick pre-shoot location scout to make sure that surroundings work well with Kato's clothing and off we went shooting.

Model: Kato Alexander
Agency: Specs Models

On technical side I decided to keep things simple - one camera, one lens, and on camera flash.
Phase One P30+, DF body, Schneider 80mm LS mostly shot at f3.2, Nikon SB900. Pocket Wizard was only used as a shoe.

More images:

Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada. Company Artists for 2015-2016 Season

During one of my recent trips to Moncton I had the opportunity to work with the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada to create new portraits of the company artists for their 2015-2016 season. 

My goal for the pictures was to show everyone's personality as much as it is possible in formal studio environment. 

 Being very reserved person myself, communicating with people off-studio is usually a big struggle for me. It gets a bit better, when I'm behind my camera in studio though. Connecting with people is what I've been working really hard on in my photography lately and after this particular photo shoot I felt like I was able to connect with my subjects, recognize their personalities and capture right expressions at the right time. 

Hope you enjoy! 

Make-up: Joelle Martin /

Technical info:
Phase One DF, P30+ digital back, Mamiya 210mm 

How shooting tombstones made me a better portrait photographer

I was always fascinated by technical aspect of photography. For example, I could spend hours researching product photography and watching tutorials just to feed my curiosity.

Last year I was hired by Goguen Monuments to create product shots of their tombstones. It still remains my weirdest subject I ever shot.
I had to do a little research on how to photograph products which have shiny reflective surfaces such as polished black marble or granite.

Here are some final shots of the monuments created for the client:

Rheal Vienneau for Canadian Wildlife Magazine

 "Rheal Vienneau has reared thousands of monarch butterflies in his backyard. “I’m giving them a little boost,” he says. “My biggest goal, though, is to educate people about the plight of the monarchs.”

Here is an image from recent assignment for Canadian Wildlife Magazine and couple others not included in the issue. I got to say, I did learn a lot about monarch butterflies and that it takes one kind and passionate man to do this job right.

Assisted by Christopher Roxs.

Jacques Heroux for Canadian Wildlife Magazine

Here are few images from recent assignment for Canadian Wildlife Magazine. 

My subject was Jacques Heroux who was awarded Roderick Haig-Brown Award for his contribution to conservation and the wise use of recreational fisheries in Canada.

Conceptually it had to be environmental and intimate portrait somewhere near water.

Assistant: Christopher Roxs


Working with experienced models sometimes means working with all photographers she or he shot with in the past and often it takes a lot of effort to make them fit my particular "molding".
That's why I really enjoy working with people who have little to no experience at all in front of the camera.
Sam was one of them. I approach every session as portrait session and focus mostly on personality  and I think that the less experience the subject has, the more genuine and intimate their portrait can be.

How it actually turned out is, as always, for viewer to decide.

Make-up by Joelle Martin