October 16, 2013

Photo Art Work Was Stolen in Broad Day Light from Gallery in Moncton.

Past Friday on October 11th, 2013 around 1:30pm two photographs were stolen from photo exhibit "The Beauty of the Human Lines" which is still on display at Assumption Life Art Gallery in Moncton.   
As you can see from the surveillance video, suspect took the artwork off the walls in broad daylight with people walking by the gallery. He entered from Main St. entrance, took the photographs and price tags, and left the building using exit dedicated to deliveries. 

The theft was reported to the RCMP. The surveillance video is being reviewed by police to determine the identity of the suspect.  

About the artwork: 
Limited edition black and white photographs mounted on acrylic. 
They are 20"x50" and 15"x30".
Total value of $2250.00

Any information about possible identity of the thief or location of the photographs will be very much appreciated.
PLEASE, CALL (506) 871-8140

I'm putting this all online to make everyone aware that those are stolen prints and to prevent the thief from making money off of them.   Photographers around the world go mad and are always ready to back each other up when s#@t like this happens, and I'm sure it will be a matter of few days before everyone in Atlantic Canada will be able to identify the images as "stolen".  
I thank you in advance for helping me spread this information! 


Larry Lynch said...

Hope you gt your photos back. Great publicity.

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Online Art Gallery said...

Very Bad and truly sad thing happened. The real value of the artwork only artist can know.

Sasha Onyshchenko said...

Thanks, everyone!